BioCompass® | 10 Territorial Triggers That Will Make You Think Twice | Must See!

BioCompass® | 10 Territorial Triggers That Will Make You Think Twice | Must See!
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Discover your territory: Explore the boundaries of influence in your life. From personal spaces to emotional responsibility, define what’s yours.

// D E S C R I P T I O N
In this fascinating discussion about territories and personal spaces, the concept of biocompass and mind-body connection is explored. The speaker delves into the idea of territories as areas of influence, both physical and emotional, that individuals stake claim to in their lives. From country borders to parking spots, from man caves to favorite seating in a stadium, everyone has something they consider theirs. The differences between masculine and feminine territories are also touched upon, shedding light on how individuals define their personal space. The audience is encouraged to reflect on their own territories and what they hold dear, as well as to consider how these spaces impact their emotions and sense of ownership. The importance of understanding and respecting these territories is emphasized, as disrupting them can lead to strong emotional reactions from individuals. The audience is prompted to reflect on 10 examples of personal territories and share their insights in the forum, highlighting the significance of recognizing and honoring the territories of others. By engaging in this exercise, viewers are encouraged to deepen their understanding of biocompass and the mind-body connection, ultimately enriching their interpersonal relationships and emotional well-being.

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// C H A P T E R S
00:00:00 – Introduction to Territory
00:00:30 – Highlighting Different Territories
00:00:52 – Personal Territories
00:01:19 – Masculine and Feminine Territories
00:01:57 – The Man Cave
00:03:00 – Assignment: List 10 Examples
00:03:41 – Inspiring Others through Comments

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BioCompass® is a cutting edge mind-body methodology to work on your healing from physical symtoms. A clear mind-body pathway called BioCompass® where you can follow the steps to find out what themes are underlying your symptoms and disease processes. In the past this was hard to learn with metamedicine, metahealth, biodecoding or the german new medicine. Now with BioCompass it becomes much easier to learn… and free !
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