BioCompass® | Move that Sh*t: The Power of the Midbrain in Digestion and Survival

BioCompass® | Move that Sh*t: The Power of the Midbrain in Digestion and Survival
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Unlock the secrets of the jellybrain and its role in digestion and survival. Move that food through your system with precision and ease.

// D E S C R I P T I O N
The midbrain, also known as the jellybrain, plays a crucial role in moving food through our bodies. It controls the muscles of the digestive system and directs endodermal tissues, focusing on digestion and survival. Just like the sponge brain, it emphasizes the importance of processing and eliminating waste from our system. In the active phase, the midbrain becomes more active and functions to move essential nutrients inward and eliminate waste outward. The assignment involves understanding the connection between the midbrain and the jellyfish, exploring why they are closely related and what facts support this relationship. By moving that “stuff” out of our system, we can better understand the mind-body connection and the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system.

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// C H A P T E R S
Chapter timestamps for Youtube description:

00:00:00 – Introduction to the Midbrain
00:00:16 – The Role of the Midbrain in Digestion
00:00:30 – Muscles Controlled by the Midbrain
00:00:44 – Direction of Endodermal Tissues
00:00:54 – Focus on Movement
00:01:06 – What the Midbrain Controls in the Body
00:01:17 – Typical Tissues Controlled by the Midbrain
00:01:33 – Importance of Handedness
00:01:44 – Activity Levels of the Midbrain
00:01:58 – Mantra: Move That Stuff
00:02:21 – Muscularis Layer of the GI Tract
00:02:50 – Function of the Muscularus Layer
00:03:10 – Peristalsis and Muscle Contractions
00:03:24 – Peristalsis in Different Sites
00:03:48 – Assignment for Understanding the Midbrain

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