BioCompass® | Practical Solution for Dealing with Problems: Easy, Quick, and Effective!

BioCompass® | Practical Solution for Dealing with Problems: Easy, Quick, and Effective!
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Practical solution for mind-body issues: Cut the grass of problems. Find new jobs, add locks, jump hurdles. Easy, quick, effective.

// D E S C R I P T I O N
In this engaging and insightful discussion, the speaker delves into the concept of the biocompass and the mind-body connection when it comes to finding practical solutions to life’s challenges. Using the analogy of cutting the grass, the speaker suggests that addressing problems in a straightforward and practical manner can be effective, but it may not necessarily solve the root issue. The speaker explains that while practical solutions may provide temporary relief, they do not lead to personal growth or transformation, and the same problems may resurface. By emphasizing the importance of the client’s perception and involvement in finding solutions, the speaker highlights the need for tailored and client-supported approaches to problem-solving. The speaker also stresses the significance of ensuring that the client acknowledges and internalizes the solution to achieve lasting results. Ultimately, the discussion underscores the value of empowering clients to take control of their actions and decisions in order to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

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// C H A P T E R S
Chapter List:
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:10 – The Practical Solution
00:00:20 – Dealing with Problems
00:00:36 – Finding New Solutions
00:00:50 – Natural Problem-Solving
00:01:06 – Adapting to Changes
00:01:23 – Advantages of Practical Solutions
00:01:35 – Disadvantages of Quick Fixes
00:01:48 – Lack of Learning and Growth
00:02:02 – Repeating Similar Problems
00:02:19 – The Reverse Practical Solution
00:02:36 – Unique Solutions
00:02:55 – Client’s Perception of Solutions
00:03:14 – Client-Centered Solutions
00:03:47 – Therapist’s Advice and Client’s Perception
00:04:07 – Finding Personal Solutions
00:04:21 – Client-Supported Solutions
00:04:48 – Realization of Solutions
00:05:26 – Awareness of Problem Resolution
00:05:55 – Reflection Exercises
00:06:26 – Client Control in Solutions
00:06:36 – Completeness of Practical Solutions
00:06:44 – Rudy’s Squirrel Dilemma
00:08:39 – Practical Solution for Squirrels

// P L A Y L I S T S
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// About BioCompass®
BioCompass® is a cutting edge mind-body methodology to work on your healing from physical symtoms. A clear mind-body pathway called BioCompass® where you can follow the steps to find out what themes are underlying your symptoms and disease processes. In the past this was hard to learn with metamedicine, metahealth, biodecoding or the german new medicine. Now with BioCompass it becomes much easier to learn… and free !
This information should be free, and finally is. Start diving into a awesome personal development journey with BioCompass® and hear what the body is telling you for a long time


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